Our success stories in room acoustics

Unique acoustic solutions for individual challenges

None of our realized projects is transferable 1:1 to new challenges. The many influencing factors that determine an acoustic situation require customized solutions.

To help you understand this, here are some examples. The examples mentioned offer only approaches to solutions, each object requires individual planning and realization.

Room acoustics

Our room acoustics solutions have always enabled us to meet our customers’ requirements. Often we were able to solve the problem quickly and effectively with a simple and pragmatic approach. Some projects inspired us to come up with new product ideas, which we are currently successfully launching on the market.

Technical acoustics

Tasks arising from the field of technical acoustics often touch on issues of occupational health and safety, such as the requirement to reduce noise levels inside and/or outside a company.
With our solutions, it was possible to meet the requirements of the supervisory authorities and professional associations.

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